Metro Icon Construction Division

This division was created in response to an industry need, to come to terms with the issues of Occupational Health and Safety, Basic Fatigue Management and Chain of Responsibility Legislation. These three pieces of Legislation have clearly defined the need, for companies to actively manage their workforces to ensure compliance and the safety of the people involved internally and externally in their business.

Metropolitan Express has developed the management systems to address these issues and supply the right personnel and equipment for its clients. This includes in many cases, the supply of specialised equipment to minimise any risk to safety and improve productivity.

- Metro Icon Heading Vehicles Available:

Tray with Rear Crane:

Capacity                   Length

12.0 tonne               7.9m - Hiab 144

- Tray with rear crane

Tipper Tray:

Capacity                   Length

8.0 tonne                  8.0m

- Rigid Tray Crane

Tilt Slide Tipper:

Capacity                   Length

12.0 tonne                7.8m

- Tit Slide Tipper

Semi Crane Truck:

Capacity                   Length

18.0 tonne               Hiab 099

24.0 tonne               7.8m

- Semi Crane Truck

Tipper with Crane Truck:

Capacity                   Length

8.0 tonne                 7.4m Hiab 099

- Tipper with Crane Truck

Low Loader:

Capacity                   Length

24 tonne                  14.7m

- Lower loader2